• Rebel, Image by ST–DUO

Is this the time for activism and rebellion?

Published: Monday 10th August

These insecure times give way to change. Now is the time to get things moving. How do we ensure different visions and voices are present in the design world? What skills - other than design - do designers need to create social change?

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In the first studio session, Myrthe Krepel (SMELT) talks with conceptual designer Dion Soethoudt, artist and researcher Julia Janssen and graphic designers Sophie Balch and Tijn de Kok (ST-DUO). None of the designers identify themselves as an activist or rebel, but they all see some rebellion and activism in the other. In what way are they rebellious or activists? And how is that of value in creating social change? What do we need to change within the design world itself when we look at the values we fight for in our work? 

Value in creating social change

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