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My name is Dion Soethoudt and I am a conceptual designer. For over half a decade, I’ve been immersed in exploring a concept I like to call ‘Living Productivity’.


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Living Productivity

is a working title that embodies all of my projects, my methodology and my drive. I feel a need to constantly be useful and productive. Therefore I am trying to find ways to make the simple act of being a full-time usable product. My project I Like You And You Like I (ILYAYLI) is my first attempt to bring this to a 24/7 level. I’m still debating if I’m an attention whore or a serious researcher… probably something in between: A designer perhaps.

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I Like You And You Like I

Dutch Design Week, October 2019

I Like You And You Like I is a performance where two autonomous entities spend seven consecutive days confined in a room of solitude. An autonomous robot and a 31-year-old designer. The project is inspired by the 1974 Joseph Beuys performance in which Beuys locked himself up with a wild coyote. I choose a different ‘spirit animal’ in the form of the Roomba, currently one of the most consumer accepted forms of A.I. The A.I. revolution is causing a new status quo, railroading our conscious and subconscious decision-making. It forces us to design it’s migration. ILYAYLI is an inquiry into artificial intelligence, human intelligence, autonomous thinking and the building of relationships.

It forces us to design its migration

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