Tim Meijer

I’m an (analogue) photographer with a passion for buildings and areas in transition.

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This transition can either be man-made or nature induced, I’m very fond of searching for memories which are (dis)appearing. How easily things get tossed aside and forgotten about nowadays, is something I can’t get my head around. I’m busy this year with creating a mobile darkroom, to enhance making my own projects, giving workshops and creating unique photos on-the-spot.

• Tim Meijer, Garzweiler


Garzweiler is a brown coal mine situated in Germany, near the city of Dusseldorf. In this gigantic area, the earth has been torn open and transformed into an enormous crater, which was once idyllic villages and farms. I’m stunned by this transformation and decay of the land which this process entails. I’ve been documenting this area for over 5+ years, trying to relive some of the memories which are going to be buried there.

Searching for memories

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