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Sebastiaan van de Venne

The written word has always been the most powerful tool to move people through thoughts, emotions, ideas and stories. In the search of the story you want to share, I create handcrafted work that makes you stand out.

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Like your signature or your handwriting, your story should communicate that inherent authentic and unique character. A story to make genuine relations and lasting connections. To move people, not by what you say, but by how you make them feel.

• Draw Slow, Nova Type Specimen

Typeface Novi

Novi is a revival of an 14th Century Manuscript called “La Operina” by Arrighi. It inherited its poetic character from the Chancery Calligraphy and was put in a modern jacket to be functioning as a typeface between text and display. Novi means “New” in the Latin Genitive. The genitive suggests a relation or possession to something. By choosing this name I give a slight nod at the old master and claiming my own new possession.

Authentic and unique character

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