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Renée van den Kerkhof

In courtrooms, during live events, and from my studio, I visualise that what matters. I help progressive organisations express their visions more clearly, and build deeper connections with their supporters.



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As a visual journalist, I translate complicated information to images, to inform, to clarify, and to incite meaningful discussions about important current topics.

• Studio Neetje, Courtroom sketch of Gökmen T

Editorial Illustrations for Panorama

The Dutch magazine Panorama pays a lot of attention to crime and justice. In a regular section, defence attorney Nancy Dekens writes about certain cases, how everybody can get into contact with our court system. Every edition, a different courtroom artist illustrates these articles. It’s a great combination/overlap between editorial work and courtroom sketches. ‘Kortsluiting’: People acting out in a rage or psychosis. ‘Groene vingers’: Suspected of running a weed nursery.

I visualise what matters

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