Anouk van Mil is a designer and media maker from Rotterdam and a collector by heart! Of beer coasters, jumpsuits, orange retro memorabilia and of perspectives. Of stories, thoughts and points of view on collective themes. From past to present to future.


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Collect > Connect > Create > Repeat

To create her multimedia projects she collects and connects. By diving into existing archives and collections, or creating new ones herself. Showing the links and connections, and giving space and stage to a larger context. Ranging from 2D to 3D, from print to pixel.

• Anouk van Mil, Set design for theatre play SLUT

SLUT: the play

For the Dutch adaptation of the theatre play SLUT: the play Anouk created a video screen installation on stage. It displayed a nonstop overload of found (social) media footage: ranging from tweets, news headliners, gifs, historical images, funny and not so funny memes on feminism, womanhood, freedom, autonomy, sexuality and #metoo. SLUT: the play, by Katie Cappiello tells a personal story about sexual harassment, based on different perspectives. On one side that of Joey, 'the victim'. And on the other that of ‘the many’, the people around her - more and less close - involved. So many people, so many opinions. And each of them bases that opinion on the information known or available to them. Information as was seen on stage, in a loop that was evenly entertaining, engaging as enraging to the audience.

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