Dorian Kingma & Myrthe Krepel

SMELT creates space for conversation. In the form of surprising installations, objects and conversation techniques, we make sensitive topics open for discussion.


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We translate the challenges in our society such as drug policies, street harassment and sustainability into conversations about intimacy, purpose and freedom. Themes everyone can relate to. Our spaces are where people meet, playful or provocative. We encourage you to question your ideas and those of others. By challenging the way we interact, we see each other and the challenges of our society from a new perspective. This new space allows room for change.



FAUX PAS is an ongoing research into flirting in public space. Are you still allowed to flirt on the street? And where is the line between flirting and sexual street harassment? We designed the Flirtlab and the Psst!-cap to answer these questions. Flirtlab is an installation which allows people to playfully experiment with flirting. People are invited to reflect upon (bad) flirting experiences by enacting and re-directing them, supported by actors and theatre-makers. Together we created ‘Nieuwe Manieren’ (new ways): ideas and tools for a good flirt.

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