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Julia Janssen takes you on a journey behind the surface of the internet. The digital world has a lot to offer, but what price do you pay for access?


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When it seems free, then you are the product. You are no Facebook or Google user, Netflix watcher, or Amazon shopper. You are their product. So, let’s talk about data– and explore how you can become in control over who knows what about you.

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0.0146 seconds

"Click here to continue," "I give my permission." Without a click on accept, no access to the internet. But what do we agree to? With that one-click, you might even not just accept one, but hundreds of privacy policies. For example, 835 privacy policies you accept with a single click on 'got it.' It will take hundreds of hours to read all these conditions. So let's do it together! 0.0146 seconds is a collective read-out-loud performance.

When it seems free, then you are the product.

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