Thomas & Jurgen

is an experimental design studio based in Rotterdam, co-founded by Thomas Bevelander & Jurgen Wiegeraad. We explore, combine and create visual content in both commissioned and experimental design projects.


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Fascinated by the unpredictable spontaneity of jazz improvisation and driven by an inexhaustible search for new visual languages, we outlined a creative method that puts visual improvisation at the heart of our design process. 

Taking materials, words or associations as our starting point, we initiate visual jam sessions that are driven by a constantly evolving set of rules. Being open to that which arises in the moment, we instantly respond to the visual input the other provides us with. 

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Do You Copy

As COVID-19 forced us to stay in we were relying on the internet to produce, transmit and receive virtual images. We quickly became inspired by the idea of telecommunication itself — and the commands that enable it. We started our own visual transmission through code and designed a communication system that leaves room for noise and open interpretation. The zine > Do You Copy is a collection of towers that have been sent, received and misinterpreted by us during this transmission. Instead of jamming in our studio, we started this process by doing a series of digital sessions over Zoom.

Visual transmission through code

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