• Reinvent, Image by Anouk van Mil

Do we have to change to stay the same?

Published: Tuesday 20th October

Hello roaring 2020's! Roaring it hard. In climate strikes, war threats, equality movements, European struggles, natural disasters, fastgrowing digitization and power of technology. On top of that, a global pandemic to set the systems for inevitable change. And not just the systems. Individuals, communities and businesses have been literally forced to reinvent life as we knew it.

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Big events have thrown us in big collective states of reinvention before, to the New or Next Normal of that time. Is reinventing always prone to external factors? Or is it a basic part of being human, no matter the larger context? Do we have to change to stay the same? Is change our only constant and certainty?

In the sixth and last studio session of Driving Dutch Design Anouk van Mil (MILC) explored and discussed reinventing, with Dorian Kingma (SMELT), Jeroen van Veluw and Renee Scheepers (Scheepers&Renee). Reinventing of the self, the work, the design profession and the world.

Reinventing of the self

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