• Reflect, Image by Lisa Winters

Why do we reflect and how is that of value?

Published: Monday 12th October

Reflection is a structured way to understand, analyze and give meaning to experiences. Reflection is the cognitive process by which experiences are converted into meaning. But how do we give meaning to reflection? Why do we reflect and how is that of value?

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We delve into our personal experiences with reflection and thus discuss our professional creative role as reflectors on complex social issues. Does reflection have an end? Is it round, straight, linear, circular, cyclical or iterative? A philosophical conversation. In which the recipe for a portion of good reflection is reduced to only one ingredient…

In this studio session Renee Scheepers (Scheepers&Renee) reflected with Tim Meijer, Sebastiaan van de Venne (Draw Slow), Lisa Winters and Anouk van Mil (MILC) on the meaning of reflection in their personal and professional lives.

Does reflection have an end?

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