• React, Image by ST–DUO

How do you react in situations surrounded by and filled with uncertainty?

Published: Tuesday 08th September

What is our reaction to a society reduced to the bare minimum due to COVID-19? The last months have pushed designers to react to the new normal, a new status quo focused around 1,5 meters, potential future lockdowns and a lot of video-calls.

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Designers are being tested for their plasticity. Can we envision a new role for designers? Do we have to put the title of “problem-solver” down or is it just a shift of perspective. Is Re-Value and the mind state that comes with it a guide for our future reactions.

In this studio session, Sebastiaan van de Venne (Draw Slow) talks with Renée van den Kerkhof (Studio neetje), Noud Sleumer en Pim Bens (De Reuringdienst) about react.

React to the new normal

Intrigued by this Studio Session? Head over to the read the full article on the Dutch Design Week Magazine, or listen to the full podcast here.