De Reuringdienst

Pim Bens

I would translate the Dutch word ‘reuring’ as buzz, disturbance or commotion. That’s what we seek with our projects and installations.


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With a well-balanced amount of humour and playfulness, we use our installations as a tool to address certain topics
and start conversations among users or residents of a certain area. You can find us at our brand-new shared workspace: Kade Clubhuis. Together we are building a network of socially engaged designers to collaborate with for future projects.

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Land Zonder Dijk

In between sea and land, an area where only the smartest plants will survive: salt marshes. Land Zonder Dijk (Land Without Dikes) points out the need, highlights the beauty and lets people participate in the development of these areas. The temporary bridge over the current salt marsh brought participants to the working area where we created the basic structure for the development of a new one. Currently, a small community throughout the Netherlands is growing seeds to sow the structure.

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