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We are ST-DUO, Sophie & Tijn, and we are looking for the game changers the future thinkers and the purpose makers, to supply the tools needed to challenge our current social, environmental and cultural systems.​​​​​​​ As the creative partners for your vision, we are dedicated to helping refine your core values and develop stories to communicate messages with a fitting visual language that create public impact. The time for change is now, lets bring your vision to life.

• ST–DUO, Vision document for N8W8 R'dam

N8W8 Identity

Driving urgency into a bold identity for Rotterdams night council. The N8W8 R'dam foundation is an independent advisory board that is committed to a vibrant, socially inclusive and culturally diverse nightlife in Rotterdam. The unwavering energy and sense of urgency that powers N8W8 is packed into the identity. Hand-drawn elements to add personality and highlight elements, bold typography for attitude and muted colours to represent light, dark and the seriousness of the matters at hand. The logo is an hourglass to reflect the pressing need for action, which also represents the form of the number 8 in the name. In typography and graphics, symbolism tells the story of the brand through how it acts, speaks and interacts. This is just the foundation, we look forward to exploring the endless potential of this identity, stay tuned; N8W8's website is launching soon.

The time for change is now

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