• Reconnect, Image by Renée van den Kerkhof

Do we dare to connect with value from different perspectives?

Published: Tuesday 08th September

Did we lose appreciation and connection with our environment because the desire for what we see (or think we see) in the rest of the world is greater? We crave for bigger, better and more beautiful, but where do we look for it? Further? Higher? Or might it just be right in front of us?

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“When contradictions or assumptions disappear, knowledge and understanding arise. We reassess what is already there, but what is not yet appreciated that way.” Julia Janssen talked with Jeffrey Heiliger (Studio Jeffrey Heiligers), Jessica den Hartog and Rose Groot (We & Wijn) about new connections – in the form of collaborations between people and disciplines. And ways to reconnect – with things we seem to be alienated from.

Ways to reconnect

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