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Rose Groot & Diederik Walhof

We & Wijn is a crossover design studio based in Amsterdam. Founders Rose Groot (design & concept) and Diederik Walhof (sommelier) help entrepreneurs to leave a lasting impression. They do this by translating the essence of a business into a product or event.

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⁠Looking at the bigger picture, We & Wijn works together with preferably local professionals, artists, craftsmen and raw materials. Working like this provides much more transparency in the working conditions, is often faster and makes sure that their products have a low carbon footprint. ⁠

• We & Wijn, The Studio Tastings

The Studio Tastings

Wine labels often just describe the year, place of origin and the kind of grape. It almost never captures the taste. Is the wine expressive, elegant, full-bodied or crisp? Participants are asked to define taste, shapes, colours and textures of various Dutch wines and visualise this. Outcomes of this research will be collected and used to develop a Dutch wine and taste expression book. The tastings are guided by designer Rose Groot and sommelier Diederik Walhof.

Taste, shapes, colours & textures

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