De Reuringdienst — Kade Clubhuis

Published: Thursday 12th November

We get a lot of new insights and energy of working with people from different fields and disciplines. Both within and outside the field of design. The right collaboration depends on the question or challenge we are working on. Designers, scientists, filmmakers, builders, policymakers or programmers, they all could be the key to a relevant project. 

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• Kade Clubhuis

At Kade Clubhuis (clubhouse) in Eindhoven we are building a network of socially engaged professionals. At the beginning of this year we moved into a large space, and transformed it into a creative hub. The space is subdivided in individual offices and a large shared area containing a workshop, work- and meeting rooms and general facilities. We collaborate here to strengthen our projects.

• Kade Clubhuis

The Reuringdienst
The Dutch word ‘reuring’ could be translated as buzz, disturbance or commotion. That’s what we seek with our projects and installations. We dig into societal challenges and stimulate conversation about and participation in these, accompanied with a well balanced amount of humour and playfulness.

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