ST–DUO — Manifesto for a better world

Published: Thursday 12th November

It takes guts to present yourself in a powerful way. We, ST–DUO strongly believe in the value of those who stand for what they believe in and that the opportunity for change is now.

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• Manifesto for a better world

‘Manifesto for a better world’ is the conclusion of ST–DUO’s research into the value of design. It forms the vision of their identity design studio as well as it is a call to action to those who are needed to stimulate systematic change.

ST–DUO believes design is power, and therefore every designer has a responsibility. Who do you choose to work with and therefore which voices do you elevate? What messages do you empower? What visual language do you attach to the voices of change?


We used this year’s Dutch Design Week to empower ourselves, by applying our manifesto to our own process we had a week of making and publishing our process.
See the full process here

• Process DDW

• Manifesto for a better world

We are open to collaborations with like-minded people with passion-driven commitment to making a positive impact. The sound of change is echoed in our bubble. We are surrounded, on this very website, by innovative ideas, social experiments and conscious consumers. Our focus is to ensure those visions make a public impact.

With what attitude do you stand before the world? Be in touch

Want to know more about ST–DUO? Visit their Driver Profile page, or see more of their work at www.st-duo.com