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Published: Thursday 12th November

Two know more than one, and together we know most. Scheepers&Renee talks about experience architecture with professionals and other experts for nine days. She uses the shared insights to build a growing knowledgebank, accessible to anyone who wants to participate, even long after DDW 2020.

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• Architects of Life

How would the city develop when the revenue model would also include values that can’t be expressed in cold cash? How can we stir up the existing system? Who is bold enough to take rebellious decisions? 

At Scheepers&Renee we challenge ourselves to work on homes that are as dynamic as people’s lives, on buildings that improve your health, on waiting rooms that take you by the hand to an anxious appointment, on a city where all your senses can be wide-open to the seasons. An environment where nothing human is alien. That is safe and secure but still surprising, that embraces you and fits like a glove.

Scheepers&Renee advocate radical curiosity for people and their stories. They call for experience architects who want to know how people behave, what they love, what they believe in and what they desire. Who want to encounter people in their everyday lives, with all their personal peculiarities.

In order to let this human experience transpire to the built environment, all parties will have to be on the same team and speak the same language. A new language capable of expressing values far exceeding the monetary bottom line. How does that sound and who has anything to add?

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