Tim Meijer — Garzweiler II

Published: Thursday 12th November

As a visual researcher, I’ve been busy re-valuing the term ‘living’. What does it mean and what is the scope of this term, especially given the current time? With a fascination for areas in transition, I’m on a journey to research this. With my self-build mobile studio, a traditional analogue way of photographing and a preference of being in charge of the whole process I’m repositioning myself for Driving Dutch Design.

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• ® Tim Meijer

I’m Tim Meijer, a determined artist with a mobile studio in which I’m researching places, which I try to fathom and recapture lost memories. The first results of this transition are visible in my Garzweiler project. A place in Germany just across the The Netherlands border, where people need to leave their home and village because of brown coal mining. I’ve been researching this place for years, but last year the activism has been growing. Their way of housing, the community and unending optimism has kept intriguing me. By being so flexible, I’ve been able to come close to them. I present to you my research on what housing, activism and this huge desolate area means. Definitely check out my previous publication about this area.

• Tim Meijer

Want to know more about Tim Meijer? Visit his Driver Profile page, or see more of his work at www.timmeijerfotografie.nl