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With an eye for everything, in a colourful style, I know how to capture stories in powerful illustrations.


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Every day we are exposed to infinite advertisements, media, and images. Content is just one swipe away, always available and most of the time in the palm of your hand. Ensuring that you are noticed by your target audience is now more important than ever. My work is widely applicable and custom made to your want and need. Think icons for your website, an infographic or product packaging design. I’m not focussed on a specific illustration style, but choose the style which best suits the target group.

• Lisa Winters

Trend Snack

Together with trend & innovation strategist Lieke Dols, I form the Trend Snack editorial team; the changing zeitgeist in words and images. Always according to a familiar recipe: Lieke writes, I illustrate.⁠ We started this continuous process to develop and to practice playfully with different illustration and writing styles.⁠

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