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Lisa Winters — Visual expedition

Published: Thursday 12th November

As an illustrator, I create graphics in a lot of different styles. But how do I manage the process? 'Visual Expedition' is a search for a way to determine the style direction early in the process.

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A lot of illustrators have a style that can be recognized by a specific personal style. For a long time I thought that I had to “look for it”; make choices about what kind of characteristics I want to give my visuals.

But the fact is; I enjoy applying different techniques, brushes, textures, shadows or perspectives every day. I don’t want to commit to one style only.

Because of this, the outcome of each project can be completely different. However, customers do not always know what to expect.

That got me thinking; is there a way to determine the style direction early in the process? By that, I don’t mean collecting inspiration on Pinterest, or a mood board, but a way based on portfolio graphics and the purpose of the project.

That is why I am looking for the ultimate creative process for this DDW!

• Visual expedition

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